Account Settings: FMAudit Central

The FMACentral settings page allows you to configure Onsite so that it can send audit results and network settings to an FMAudit Central web site.

If you want Onsite to send audit data to an FMAudit Central web site, enter the FMACentral destination URL and Onsite Data Synchronization User Name and Password into the appropriate text boxes and click on the Apply button to save the changes.

The User Name and Password are not the login credentials you specify to log into FMAudit Central, but rather a valid combination assigned on the Onsite Data Synchronization page of FMAudit Central. In addition, the User Name and Password are case sensitive.

If installing Onsite on a network with a Proxy, Firewall or other related appliance, the FMAudit Onsite service properties may need to be adjusted to select an account which has access to the correct settings.  The settings which are propagated to Windows Internet Explorer will be used by FMAudit Onsite.  To adjust these settings: Windows Control Panel -> Administrator Tools -> Services -> right click on FMAudit Onsite -> Properties -> Log on tab -> select This account and specify the appropriate Windows user account and password.  Refer to the FMAudit Knowledge Base for advanced information on overriding or specifying custom proxy settings.

FMAudit Central will not process the Onsite Data Synchronization request without the trailing forward slash "/" at the end of the Central destination URL.

If you want to synchronize Onsite network settings with FMAudit Central, click on the Synchronize Network Settings check box so that there is a green check in the box and then click on the Apply button to save the settings.


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